By Order Of Expense: Remodeling Projects You Should Attack And Why

Interior remodeling can be expensive, but it can also be very exciting. You are planning and transforming part of your home into something even better, prettier, and potentially more inviting to buyers, if and when you ever sell your home. From most expensive and most valuable in terms of remodeling, here are the projects you should "attack" first. 


The kitchen is far and away the most expensive room in the entire house to remodel. However, if you think of it as an investment, the expense means nothing. Future buyers always want to see the common areas of the home, particularly the kitchen and bath. If you do an amazing job remodeling these two rooms (or more, if you have more than one bathroom), then buyers are more willing to give you your asking price, if and when you finally sell.


Bathrooms are the second-most expensive rooms to remodel. Most of it has to do with the tub/shower area, the flooring, and updating plumbing. Once you have updated and remodeled the kitchen and bathroom(s), you will never have to redo these fixtures and cabinetry again while living in the house. The rest of the home remodeling projects are a drop in the bucket by comparison (in terms of cost).


New flooring throughout your home is the third biggest expense, depending on materials, removal and installation costs, etc. Ripping out years of dirty carpet, and years of rotting floorboards is a necessity. Replace these areas with flooring that is easy to care for, resists stains and dirt, and is completely waterproof. The next homeowners with children and pets will thank you.

Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are not made to last forever. Windows need replacement about once every twenty or thirty years, and doors should be replaced when they are broken, damaged, warped, cracked, scraped, etc.. Screen doors typically need replacing every decade because wind and weather do their damage.

You can change the style, ease of cleaning, and even color of the windows and doors. If you want to add an outdoor patio space, then you should have patio doors installed for easy access to the patio or deck. People really seem to gravitate toward homes that have outdoor entertaining spaces or spaces to barbecue. When not in use for gatherings, these spaces are also nice areas for the kids to play and play board games.