Remodeling Your Bathroom? 3 Tips For Updating Cabinets

Remodeling your bathroom can be a smart investment. From enhancing the look of this space to improving function and adding value, the benefits are easy to see. Of course, certain parts of this remodel are more important than others. If the bathroom cabinets need to be updated, knowing which options to choose is key. With this guide, you will learn a few tips for selecting cabinets for your bathroom remodel.

Reface or Replace?

Depending on the actual quality of your existing cabinets, you may be able to save some money by refacing the cabinets instead of replacing with new ones.

Refacing involves covering the front of the cabinets and drawers with a new material and new hardware to give it a completely new look. Refacing is not suitable for cabinets made out of metal or cabinets that are damaged by moisture or pests. If your bathroom floors have warped and rotted, your existing cabinets may be tilted or moved in some manner. Replacing these cabinets would be necessary as opposed to refacing.

Right Material

Most people are surprised by how many different options are available when shopping for new cabinets. When you are choosing to replace your old cabinets with new ones, make sure you choose the right material.

MDF, plywood, and solid wood are the most popular types of cabinets available, but you may not know the differences between these materials.

Medium density fiberboard, or MDF, is probably the most affordable option. Unfortunately, this material lacks the strength of plywood or even solid wood. It is not ideal to use in an area, like your bathroom, that experiences high levels of humidity, since this moisture can warp and decay the MDF material.

Surprisingly, you can install cabinets that use both plywood and solid wood. For example, consider a solid hardwood for the door frames, small drawers, and the frame of the cabinet face. Then, opt for a hardwood plywood for the door panels, tall drawers, and cabinet sides.


Finally, you need to choose an overall style for your bathroom cabinetry.

A stand-alone vanity is a great option, but this design features a sink and countertop only, reducing the total amount of storage space you will have in your bathroom. Double vanities are best for master bathrooms, since the having multiple sinks will be helpful for you and your spouse.

Focus on organization, as well, when selecting the style of your new cabinetry. Specialized drawers that hold bathroom accessories, such as hair dryers and toiletries, will be valuable additions to your bathroom. Also, additional cabinetry and shelving for displaying decorative accessories and storing extra towels can add enormous value to your remodel. Contact a company, like Sierra Remodeling & Home Builders Inc, for more ideas.