How Being Prepared Makes A Kitchen Remodel Easier

If you're ready to have a kitchen remodeling service come into your place to do work, there are some things you can do to make the entire project and your life easier. You'll obviously need to completely clean out the space being remodeled, and you can help the remodelers by removing things like outlet covers too. When you hire a kitchen remodeling service, such as Interior Expressions, be sure to ask them how you can make the process run more smoothly. You should also keep these four tips in mind.

Protect Nearby Rooms

While the team handling renovations will try to keep the mess contained in the cooking space, the reality is that dust from remodeling efforts tends to float around a home. It's wise to use plastic to cover any furniture in the parts of nearby rooms that are connected to the kitchen. You may also want to take down any items like picture frames or mirrors that might be knocked down by vibrations coming from the kitchen. It's also a good idea to just take down any curtain to keep dust from accumulating on them.

Box and Label

Until you try to clean out an entire kitchen, it's hard to comprehend just how much stuff you have. When boxing items from the kitchen, you can save yourself some time by labeling where everything came from and where it needs to go when renovations are completed. If possible, try to move breakable items as far from the remodeling area as you can.

Get Pets Acclimated Early 

Many people keep items for their pets, such as food bowls and litter boxes, in the kitchen. Unfortunately, animals can often literally become creatures of habit, causing them to still go into the kitchen looking for food and water even after things have been re-arranged. Take the time to acclimate your pets to where their stuff will be during the remodel. The renovators will appreciate it, and it will reduce the risk your pets might get hurt during a remodel.

Plan for New Food Arrangements

Not having access to your cooking area means that mealtimes will be different. If you don't plan to eat takeout three times a day, you should plan for how you can get by with dry or canned foods. You may want to purchase a mini-fridge and place it in the dining room in order to have quick access to items like milk and eggs. Try to set up your dining space as far away as possible from the remodeling mess.