Four Advantages Of Granite Countertops

There are several different types of materials that are regularly used for countertops in residential kitchens, including natural stone. Of the various types of natural stone that you can pick from, granite is one of the most common, and for several good reasons. Knowing what the main benefits associated with choosing granite as your countertop material are can help you determine if granite counters are the right fit for your kitchen remodeling project.

High Strength and Long Lifespan

One of the largest benefits associated with choosing granite over another type of countertop material, like laminate or wood, is the fact that granite is highly durable and resistant to damage and wear. They won't chip, dent or crack over time with regular use, and they are also highly resistant to heat exposure and moisture. This means that you won't have to worry about warping or staining setting in, which can require expensive replacement or repairs with other materials. A longer lifespan for your countertops can save you money in the long run, making granite a sound financial choice.

Increased Resale Value

Another upside of picking granite over alternative countertop materials is the fact that granite will directly impact the resale value of your home. This is because a kitchen with natural stone countertops is a luxury symbol, not to mention carries the high durability and other practical benefits associated with granite on this list – which can help attract higher offers if you are thinking of selling your home.

Aesthetic Customization

Another thing to think about when it comes to granite is the fact that while it is a natural stone, it comes in a wide range of different hues. This means that you can customize the appearance of your countertops so that they match the rest of the design of your kitchen, and you can even choose something that stands out – like a red granite – in order to make your counters really pop. 

Low Maintenance

Finally, related to the first point mentioned on this list, granite is not a labor intensive countertop material to take care of. Once a granite countertop has been installed and sealed, it is completely moisture resistant, and won't hold onto food particles, dust or liquids. The only real work associated with cleaning granite countertops down is a simple wipe either with soapy water or a mild cleaning detergent, which can be done in matter of seconds.