Four Trends In Cabinetry

Whether you are having your dream custom home built or you are a contractor who is making all the design decisions, when it comes to choosing the cabinetry, there's several decisions you will need to make. Here is a look at the trending options in retail and wholesale cabinets.

Oak Cabinetry Is Back In Style

In the last few decades of the Twentieth Century, oak cabinets with raised panels and a medium honey finish were all the rage. Unfortunately, this style became associated with the Eighties and was much maligned by future homeowners who didn't appreciate the dated style.

With the appeal of the popular "farmhouse style," oak is making a comeback. Rather than the traditional raised panels, door options are available in attractive flat panels, raised or recessed slats, or with glass insets. Oak cabinetry is perfect for creating a cozy, country kitchen with a rustic or modern flair.

Mix And Match Cabinetry Is Popular

Gone are the days of having everything match perfectly. Instead, homeowners want a bathroom and kitchen that looks custom, even if they aren't. For example, installing kitchen islands that are painted in a complementary color rather than stained to match the rest of the kitchen cabinetry creates a designer-feel. Cupboard doors that have painted frames and natural or stained wood doors are another current trend in cabinet styles.

New Colors And Finishes Are In

Creamy ivory, shades of gray, bright white, soft pastels, such a light mossy green, and even bold shades, like mustard, teal, and plum are all popular, but tan tones and beige have gone out of style. Decorative finishes are also big. Pickled finishes, barn wood, and distressed wood are popular in rustic settings. Laminated cabinets in bright colors lend well to modern, Bohemian, or even industrial décor styles. Wood stains are popular in in ranges from ebony to mid-tones, to the rich reds of cherry and mahogany to nothing more than the natural wood showcasing the beauty of the grain.

Less Is More

Clean and minimal styling Is trending. The minimalist movement is making its way into most areas of American life. Rather than decorating every square inch and placing faux greenery on the space above kitchen cabinets, people are moving towards a cleaner aesthetic. As more and more people realize having a lot of stuff means more money and more responsibility, such as cleaning, they are choosing simple over intricate. A single panel door is easier to clean than one with nooks and crannies that collect dust, especially important in bathrooms. Kitchen cabinets that reach the ceiling mean there's less room for debris and more room for the things that really matter.