Preparing to Have Your Home's Windows Replaced

When you are preparing to have new windows installed in your home, there are steps that must be taken to ensure the home is properly prepared for this work. While these steps are important to take, they are not particularly difficult or complicated as the contractors will handle the majority of the difficult work.

Address the Security Alarm

If your home has a security system installed in it, it is likely that there are sensors installed around the windows. These sensors will need to be removed so that they can be installed on the new windows. In addition to sparing the sensors from being damaged, this will also prevent the alarms from being triggered when the windows are removed. Some window installation services can handle this part of the process for you. However, if they are unable to do this, you may need to contact the security alarm company that installed the alarms to have these sensors conveniently removed.

Move Items Away from the Windows

To make it easy for the contractors to do their jobs and to avoid damaging your items, all of the items near the windows should be moved to the opposite side of the room. This may seem excessive, but these items could easily be bumped or damaged by tools or flying debris during this process. Covering these items with a cloth is also advisable as this will protect them from any dust that may be disturbed by the old windows being removed.

Have a Plan for Your Pets

Installing replacement windows can take several days to complete, and it will be necessary to keep your pet away from the areas where this work is being done. Otherwise, it could pose a risk to the workers or the animal may suffer an injury due to nails and falling debris. If you are concerned about your ability to keep your animal away from these areas of the home, you may want to board the animal until the work is completed.

Safely Store Your Warranty Information

Most replacement windows are protected with a manufacturer's warranty. This will cover you in the event of faulty manufacturing that could cause the windows to develop problems, such as leaks or drafts. However, homeowners will often misplace these documents, which could make it far more difficult and expensive to have these issues addressed. By storing all of the warranty information for your home's improvements and appliances in a central folder, you will be able to easily find these documents if you need them in the future.