How Can You Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Upgrading cabinets is a great way of sprucing up your kitchen. Small or major additions to kitchen cabinets can make them look good as new or add that little bit of visual appeal that they've been missing.

Depending on the state of your cabinets and your personal taste, there are different things you can do to improve your cabinets. Consult a remodeling contractor like Michael's Flooring & Remodeling for more information on what could suit your specific needs.

Repaint the Cabinets

A fresh coat of paint works like magic when your cabinets need a facelift. If you've had your cabinets for a while, the paint may start to flake or fade. This will give your cabinets an old look even if the structure is still solid. Repainting the cabinets can get rid of the old look. You can also try out a new color, and this will give your kitchen a fresh new look.

Improve the Lighting

Overhead lighting casts dark shadows underneath, and this can make your cabinets look dull. Task lighting in the right locations will not just make your kitchen glow, it will also make it more comfortable to use workspaces under the cabinets.

Get Rid of the Doors

A lot is said about cabinet doors and how they affect the look of the kitchen. However, many people have discovered that removing cabinet doors and leaving the shelves open can drastically improve the look of their kitchens as well.

Roll-Out Shelves

Anyone who's had cabinets in their house knows the struggle to reach something stored at the back of a shelf. The usual options are removing everything else in order to reach what you're looking for or try reaching through and risk knocking something off the shelf.

Instead of going through this hassle, you could just install shelves that roll out when you open the cabinet doors. These will ease your burden significantly.

Use the Doors

Cabinet doors can be more than an aesthetic addition. There is plenty of use to be had from them. With the right modifications they can become:

  • A convenient lid storage area

  • Spice racks

  • Trash bag holders

Change the Hardware

One of the main advantages of custom cabinets is that you can choose to go with different types of knobs and pulls. People with standard cabinets quickly find the hardware boring because it's rarely anything they haven't seen before.

Changing your hardware for something different and unique can completely change how your kitchen cabinets. You can also choose an option that will be more durable.