4 Remodeling Projects To Make Your Bathroom Easier To Clean

Cleaning your home on a regular basis is something that you may find important and worth doing because it allows you to live in a clean house with your family. Over time, you may learn about things that you can do to optimize your cleaning efforts such as using certain products or techniques that make it possible to save time. While you may be able to succeed in numerous ways, you can also change the bathroom to make it easier to clean. This is when you should hire a bathroom remodeling company to work on these kinds of projects.

Shower Door

If you take note of how much time you put into cleaning every feature in the bathroom, you may notice that the shower door can take quite a while. This is a tricky feature to clean because you need to reach in all the cracks and crevices to remove mildew that can prove to be stubborn.

Fortunately, you can speed up the time that it takes to clean this feature by replacing your existing one with a frameless shower door. Eliminating the tracks will immediately make it so much faster to clean because you will only need to worry about cleaning the glass surface.

Linear Drain

Another project that you can take on in the shower is replacing your drain with a linear one. By installing this kind of drain, you will be able to remove the top and clean the inside easily. This will come in handy when hair and soap scum gets stuck underneath and needs to be cleaned.

Smart Toilet

A standard toilet is something that you will always need to put time and effort into cleaning by hand. However, you may want to use remodeling as an opportunity to replace the toilet with a smart one that has a self-cleaning feature. While it may not eliminate the need to clean the toilet altogether, especially the exterior, you can look forward to effective cleaning inside the bowl.


When you open any of the cabinets or drawers inside the bathroom, you may notice that your fingers, knuckles, or hands touch the door on occasion. This can lead to your fingers' natural oils or dirt on your knuckles or hands rubbing off onto the cabinets and drawers. Investing in large knobs or pulls will reduce how much you touch the doors and therefore make cleaning easier.

For more information on bathroom remodeling, talk to a contractor in your area.