Bought a Studio Condo? Remodel the Bathroom to Enjoy More Functionality

While many individuals and couples who go property shopping may be determined to get their hands on a place with at least a dedicated bedroom, you may know that you are comfortable with living in a studio. If you recently bought a studio condo to live in, you may want to start with bathroom remodeling early on to maximize your satisfaction with living there right away.

Getting more functionality is something that you can look forward to doing when you use remodeling professionals to handle specific projects in your only bathroom.

1. Vanity

Increasing your storage space inside the bathroom is a smart idea when you know that you will be limited with storage capacity throughout the entire studio. However, since you may not have much room to work with to increase storage space, you will need to be creative and strategic with your projects and work on the vanity to get the desirable results. To get the most functionality, you will want to replace the existing vanity with one that has a ton of storage through countertop space, cabinets, and drawers. The expanded counter space will allow you to put more items out in the open that you can quickly and easily access at any time.

2. Shower

While more vanity storage can help out in several ways, you may know that it will not provide you with a solution for a lack of storage inside the shower area. To solve this problem, you can use remodeling professionals to add built-in shelving where you can keep shower products. This kind of storage is possible to incorporate by using the shower corners to make shelves or using the shower wall to create indent shelving. Both of these options will provide you with permanent storage and may even prevent you from needing to invest in a shower caddy.

3. Features

A basic sink and faucet may provide you with all that you need to wash your hands, but replacing the faucet with a touchless one can improve your experience in a studio condo. A touchless faucet will keep water from getting all over the vanity top as you will not have to use a handle at all. Another feature worth adding is dimming capabilities to the bathroom lights as this will help you create the right mood and get sufficient lighting every time you use the room.

After moving into a studio condo that you have purchased, you should consider remodeling the bathroom to get more functionality and improve your experience of living there. For more assistance, contact bathroom remodeling companies.