Cabinet Choosing Variables To Keep In Mind

When you're designing a kitchen remodel, you'll need to identify any pain points you want to fix during the process. For instance, if your kitchen cabinets aren't working for you anymore, or if they're just worn out or unattractive looking, you'll want to have them replaced. But you'll need to choose your new cabinets carefully to ensure they meet all your needs.

Here are some of the variables to keep in mind when choosing new kitchen cabinets.

1. Depth

The distance from the front to the back of the cabinet can be critical. You don't want cabinets so deep that you'll lose things in the back, but you do need cabinets deep enough that you can store your large kitchen items in them. If your current cabinets are too shallow, you've probably noticed how frustrating it is trying to fit in large pots and trays when cabinets are too shallow.

2. Height and placement

The height of your under-counter cabinets can affect how far off the floor your countertops are. Since countertops that are too high or too low can make cleaning and food prep very inconvenient, you'll want to choose new cabinetry that will suit your height and not hurt your back or make you stand on a stool while cooking.

The height and placement of the upper cabinets, above the countertop, can also be important. If they're placed too high up or extend too far towards the ceiling, you may find them difficult to use. But if they're too low down and close to the countertop, you may find you keep hitting your head on them. So make sure you choose overhead cabinets that will fit easily with your kitchen's ceiling height, but not crowd your countertops.

3. Material

The materials used for kitchen cabinetry can affect not only the appearance of your cabinets but also how long they last and how well they stand up to stressors. For example, cabinets made of particleboard may succumb more easily to water damage and high humidity than other materials such as stainless steel or solid wood.

4. Styling

You want to make sure your kitchen cabinets are not only attractive, but timeless as well. Choosing a trendy style could mean your cabinets go out of vogue before they actually wear out. So you may want to choose a simple, classic styling and neutral colors to avoid this limiting factor.

These are some of the variables to keep in mind when looking for new kitchen cabinets for your kitchen remodel. The cabinets can be a big part of your kitchen's aesthetic, so don't skimp here. Be sure to get in contact with a local remodeling contractor to discuss your plans for your kitchen.