Shower Remodeling Options That Are Non-Disruptive And Quick To Complete

If you wish that you were supplied with a spacious and aesthetically appealing area to shower each day but don't want to deal with the demolition of an existing tub or shower stall, seek a one-day shower installation that involves building up existing structures in your bathroom. Acrylic coverings or a bathtub conversion kit can be installed quickly and with little disruption to your bathroom's current layout.

Covers That Are Customized

A remodeling contractor who performs upgrades that can be completed quickly will assess the current layout of a bathroom and use an existing tub/shower combination or stall as the base material for an impending upgrade. A tub or a shower that is within a bathroom may be in relatively good shape but lack the visual features that a homeowner prefers.

Since trending styles change frequently and due to the likelihood that a tub or shower's surface will endure cosmetic imperfections throughout the course of ownership, having an acrylic overlay installed will allow modfications to be made quickly and will give existing surface materials a fresh appearance.

An acrylic cover can be customized to match flooring and wall materials. During a one-day shower upgrade, the walls that surround an existing tub/shower combination will be addressed too. Some popular tiling materials that can be installed include ceramic, porcelain, glass, and stone.

A Conversion Kit

A conversion kit can transform a tub into a tub/shower unit. With a conversion kit, a material will be added to the tub's surface and a frameless or framed shower door will be installed alongside the front of the tub. For a more basic shower setup, a curtain and rod can be installed along the front of an existing tub. Small fixtures, including a showerhead and hot and cold water faucets, will be installed during this type of upgrade.

Some Additional Features

Storage, ease of access, and preservation variables can be addressed during a remodeling project. Storage that will allow an end-user to access bathing products and accessories, without needing to leave the confines of a shower, includes shelving units that consist of a recessed nook or ones that protrude from an existing wall.

Ease of access to a shower may require the use of bifold doors or ones that contain handicap features. The preservation of fixtures, flooring materials, and walls may require the application of a waterproof material that will add a layer of protection to the materials that are currently within a bathroom.

For more shower installation tips, contact a local remodeling contractor.