Are You Planning To Remodel Your Kitchen? 4 Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Wooden cabinets remain a popular installation in the construction industry. They are among the oldest and most sought-after kitchen finishing because of their versatility and timeless appeal. In the recent past, people have reinvented wooden cabinetry to make it more aligned with modern housing styles. Here are some style choices to consider if you have been thinking about installing wooden kitchen cabinets.

Go For a Modern Farmhouse Twist

While farmhouse-style is an old kitchen design, the idea continues to trend in modern kitchens thanks to stunning installations that blend in just right. That said, it is advisable to get genuine raw materials, raw finishes, and a calm element to create a modern farmhouse look in your kitchen. You can go for wooden cabinetry in neutral tones like cream and white. Adding a copper mesh to the door should complete the farmhouse look. If you plan on remodeling the entire kitchen, consider using older materials like pre-cast concrete for the countertops. All mentioned components should blend in perfectly to complete the modern farmhouse look. 

Go For a Dark Wood to Improve Intensity

Most people expect the kitchen to be a space where you have muted colors. Dark wood is rarely an option for the cabinets because it creates a stark contrast with the walls and floors. However, you can make a dramatic statement with the right intensity when it comes to dark wood. Dark wood introduces a dramatic look inside your kitchen and helps solidify and create depth to your design.

Make a Cocktail of Timber Varieties

Most people believe that the best way to create uniformity in their kitchen is by investing in one timber. However, you can vary from the norm and choose a blend of two or more different wood styles. To make this work, you will need a stark contrast between the timber species. For example, you can have dark oak for the cabinets and a lighter-colored variety for the countertops. 

Install a Sleek Modern Surface

You have to be very careful about using wood in the kitchen when you want a sleek finish. You can choose to stain species like beech to dark grey or navy blue to create a stunning modern feel to your cabinetry while still maintaining the natural appeal of wood.

These are some ideas you can implement with wooden cabinetry to achieve a modern kitchen appeal. For best results, hire a competent contractor to choose ideal materials and handle the installation.