4 Ways To Think Differently About A Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodeling projects present a number of challenges. One of the most basic challenges is trying to do something different with a remodel. If you want to take a different approach, you can tackle the job using these four methods.


There is nothing wrong with sticking with the current floor plan in a bathroom. You are welcome to pull up the old tiles, change the fixtures, and replace the shower. However, you can't expect the bathroom to provide a lot of surprises with that sort of renovation effort.

Custom bathroom remodeling offers you a chance to aggressively remake the space. You may want to expand the bathroom, for example. Also, you might wish to relocate the shower or bathtub. Similarly, you could rethink the placement of the windows, mirrors, and lights. Especially if you want to tailor the bathroom to your needs, customization is a great solution.

Address Practical Problems

Particularly if you've never had the opportunity to remodel your home's bathroom before, it may present some practical issues. Accessibility is a common problem, even if you're an able-bodied person. Entryways can conflict with the placements of sinks, showers, and tubs. Storage spaces may be insufficient, too.

Take some time to rethink the way the bathroom will work. Consider where you want the towels and washcloths to be. You could even reposition the toilet paper roll if you don't like its current location.

Protective features are nice, too. For example, a backsplash represents a chance to make a bathroom more stylish while also protecting the walls.

Favor Efficiency

Bathrooms often affect utility bills, especially in terms of water consumption. You should think about how to minimize your bills by making the bathroom more efficient. Low-flow faucets, toilets, and showerheads are cheap ways to get great results. Look at adding LED lighting to minimize electrical costs, too.

Play with Aesthetics

Even if you're not someone who desires a major facelift for a bathroom, you should consider some basic aesthetic changes. Otherwise, people may not notice anything happened. Little modifications, such as swapping out chrome rails and knobs for brass ones, can change the character of the bathroom significantly. You might want to take a plain floor and replace its tiles with a checkered pattern to add interest.

Material choices can also make a difference. Changing the tiles from porcelain to stone, for example, will give a bathroom a more natural look. Wooden cabinets can have a similar influence.