Love Wine? Practical Tips For Having A Custom Wine Cellar Installed In Your Home

Whether you enjoy having a delicate glass of wine with your evening meal or love to entertain and show off your wine selecting skills, having your own wine cellar is a great idea. Having a place to store your favorite wines means you will always have a quality selection of wines available when you need them. Following a few practical tips will help you get started on designing your own custom wine cellar with your remodeling contractor. 

Choosing a space

You can build a wine room anywhere in your home, but choosing an area that is cool with high humidity levels is best. Basements are ideal for wine cellars because light is minimal, and they tend to be cooler. If you do not have a basement, a small room with minimal light is best. 

Determining the size

Wine cellars can be made in nearly any size to suit your needs. Determine how many bottles of wine you plan to store and discuss your needs with your contractor. They will be able to guide you in the proper dimensions necessary to get your wine cellar framed in the proper size.

Installing a vapor barrier

It is vital to have a secure vapor barrier in a wine room to achieve proper climate control. This keeps the temperature and humidity from fluctuating in the room. This is accomplished by wrapping poly around all joists and studs to create a full vapor seal.

Insulation is important

Both walls and ceilings require insulation in a wine cellar. This can be accomplished by installing thick insulation in both interior and exterior walls with either fiberglass, spray foam, or rigid foam applications. An even thicker insulation will need to be installed in the ceiling if it is exposed to light.

Flooring is important

Never use carpet in a wine cellar due to the risk of mold forming in the carpet due to the humidity in the room. Natural woods or reclaimed types of wood are a good choice. These natural woods add a nice aesthetic appeal to your wine cellar.

Door decisions

The best door for your wine cellar is an exterior door of high quality that has proper weather stripping on all sides. You can also use glass, which makes a beautiful entryway to your wine cellar. Wrought iron and steel are also good choices.

Imagine how much easier entertaining will be when you have a great selection of fine wines close by at all times. Whether you want the perfect wine to complement a meal or to share with friends who stop by, a wine cellar is a must-have luxury for any wine connoisseur.