Remodeling Tips To Create More Space In Cape Cod Kitchens

In Cape Cod-style homes built decades ago, kitchens tended to be much smaller than they are today. People did not have as many kitchen gadgets to store in those days, and it was not as common for families to gather in the kitchen. If you have a classic Cape Cod kitchen, it's worth hiring a remodeling team to make some changes to the space. Even if you don't want them to knock out walls or build an addition to your home, there are some changes they can implement to make a small kitchen more spacious.

Build Your Oven Into the Wall

Instead of opting for a standard, all-in-one, stove-and-oven range, consider asking your remodeling team to build an oven into your wall. Usually, they will do this using two separate, shallow ovens. So, you get two separate ovens, plus they don't extend out into your space. Your stove can be an in-counter unit, which again is a space-saving option. You could even stick with just two burners if you don't see yourself needing four.

Choose Shallow Cabinets and Counters

The less space your cabinets and counters take up, the more floor space you'll have. Ask your remodeling team if they can use cabinets and counters that are just a little shallower than usual. Even if your cabinets stick out just an inch or two less, that will give you a bit more space to move around. Choose a shorter overhang for your counters, too. They don't really need to extend out past your lower cabinets if you don't want them to.

Use Open Shelving for Your Uppers

Open shelving is becoming quite common in kitchens. Sometimes, people don't like the idea that it means all their items will be out and on display. But you don't have to give up your lower cabinets. You can just have open shelving installed in place of upper cabinets. The shelves make your kitchen feel larger since you can see the back of them. When you have shelves, you're also less likely to let clutter accumulate since you'll see it all — and keeping clutter down is vital in a small kitchen.

The small kitchens in Cape Cod homes worked well decades ago, but they're not so suitable today. If your kitchen is on the smaller side, talk to a localkitchen remodeling company about these and other small changes they can make to create more spaciousness.