5 Features To Request For Your New Kitchen Cabinets

Remodeling your kitchen is an exciting time since you are finally able to create the kitchen you have always wanted. However, there may be ways to customize the kitchen cabinets that you have not thought of. Here are a few unique features to request when designing your new custom kitchen cabinets

Pots And Pans Drawer

Everyone has that one cabinet that is filled with various pots and pans, with them all stacked inside of each other to maximize the space. It doesn't have to be this way if you want to use your storage correctly. You can actually install a drawer specifically designed to hold pots, pans, and all their lids. The pull-out drawer has slots for the pot and pans to rest in so that it is easy to grab the handle of the exact item that you want. 

Pull Out Hamper

You likely have plenty of dish towels and rags that need to be cleaned, but what do you do with them until you are ready to run a load of laundry? Consider adding a pull-out hamper to store all of your washable kitchen items. A convenient place to throw aprons and other fabric items will make it easy to wash all these items together. 

Tiered Drawer Racks

Have a drawer that has relatively thin items, such as your main utensils drawer? You can double your storage space by including a tiered drawer rack. The drawer will be split into two layers so that the top layer slides back to reveal a second layer underneath it. You no longer will have wasted space if you want deep drawers, but have thin items to store in them.

Dishwasher Panel

Your dishwasher doesn't have to stick out of your kitchen cabinets like a sore thumb. You can actually hide the dishwasher by placing a panel over it. The panel is designed to match the look of the rest of your cabinets so that it blends in perfectly. You'll be sure to appreciate that it looks like you have one less appliance in your kitchen. 

Stemware Rack

You will need a cabinet that is used for storing your everyday glassware, but what do you do with your stemware? If you have a lot of stemware, you can install a stemware rack, which allows the stemware to be hung upside down by sliding them into a rail. This prevents the infrequently used stemware from having dust collect within them.