5 Ways a G Shape Kitchen Layout Benefits You

The shape of your kitchen's layout is a key factor in using its space efficiently, allowing enough room, and providing a skeleton for the room. And while you have many choices in kitchen shape, one of the most useful is the G-shape. Why consider a G-shape? Here are a few ways it benefits many kitchens and owners.

1. To Make the Kitchen Efficient

The G-shape generally includes three full sides and a protruding peninsula on the open end. The three-sided kitchen layout utilizes the maximum wall space for cabinetry and appliances. However, the peninsula provides a partial fourth side to keep things more compact. Without the peninsula barrier, larger kitchens may become too spread out, wasting your time and energy. 

2. To Increase Work Space

If your kitchen isn't as large as you want, the peninsula may go a long way to solving the problem. It generally includes an additional countertop workspace. But it also may include more base cabinets for storage, overhead cabinets for overflow, and/or room for extra built-in appliances as needed. 

3. To Keep People Out

Kitchens are social places in many homes. They see more gatherings when you entertain. When you use a G-shaped layout, the peninsula creates a partial barrier against the easy intrusion of others into the actual cooking area. It still allows access through the open portion, but it encourages people to gather on the other side of the peninsula instead of inside the kitchen. 

4. To Accommodate Open Layouts

Do you have an open floor plan for the main public area of the home? Open floor plans gained popularity as a way to make the living room, dining room, and kitchen feel larger and airier. But they can also create challenges in differentiating uses through zones and creating noise or foot traffic pollution. One of the simplest ways to separate the kitchen from the main public space is the addition of a peninsula that creates a natural border. 

5. To Facilitate Other Uses

As mentioned, the kitchen serves a variety of purposes in today's homes. The G-shape layout naturally embraces this trend by allowing you to customize the peninsula area for other activities. This could include a charging station, homework area, home office or videoconferencing area, or kid's play area. Adapt its size, shape, and storage to the way your family will use it. 

Where to Start

Ready to start exploring the benefits and challenges of the G-shape kitchen? Begin by meeting with a kitchen remodeling company in your area today.