3 Types Of Cabinet Remodeling Ranging From The Least To Most Expensive

Cabinets make up a significant part of kitchen and bathroom spaces. As a result, cabinet remodeling is a big part of every kitchen or bathroom remodeling project. 

However, the extent of a cabinet remodeling project depends on your budget. Often, homeowners go over their intended budgets when conducting a cabinet remodeling. As a result, learning how to remodel your cabinets based on different budgets is advisable. 

Here are three ways to remodel your cabinets based on different budgets.

1. Paint Remodeling (Small Budget)

If you want to remodel your kitchen cabinets on a small budget, you don't need to tear down the existing cabinets. A fresh coat of paint can work wonders on your old kitchen cabinets. 

You don't have to paint all your cabinets the same color. Using different color tones on your cabinets is currently trendy. Hence, you can choose different color paints for your upper and lower cabinets. The dual-tone cabinetry will give your kitchen a fresh look that will upgrade its aesthetics. 

Furthermore, if you are willing to go the extra mile, you can have an artist incorporate paint designs on the cabinets. If you are low on funds, consider painting your cabinet. 

2. Reface Remodeling (Moderate Budget)

Reface remodeling involves replacing the exterior of the cabinets while preserving the framework. The main aim of cabinet refacing is to change the design and style of your cabinets without removing the framework. 

During a reface remodeling, you must remove the cabinet doors, handles, drawer fronts, and sideboards. You can then replace the above items with a different material to provide an entirely new look to your cabinetry. For instance, if you have glass cabinet doors, you can replace them with rustic wood or flat-front doors. 

A cabinet refacing is slightly more expensive than repainting the cabinets. But a reface is still more affordable than replacing the entire cabinetry, including the framework.  

3. Replacement Remodeling (Large Budget)

Replacement remodeling involves tearing down all your cabinetry and starting fresh. Replacement remodeling usually occurs when you want to rearrange the cabinetry layout. 

You should note that this kind of cabinet remodeling tends to be very expensive because you have to buy or construct new cabinets. Furthermore, replacing cabinets involves a lot of work; hence, you should expect to pay high wages for cabinet remodeling contractors. 

Replacing your cabinetry is one of the best ways to remodel your dream kitchen or bathroom. Since everything starts afresh, you have an opportunity to design the cabinetry layout and outlook from scratch. 

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