Kitchen Remodeling Tips For Those Who Love Baking

Kitchens are used to prepare food, but everyone uses their kitchen a bit differently. If you are someone who bakes a lot, you likely use your kitchen a bit differently from someone who mostly prepares salads and stir-frys, for instance. So, it's a good idea to take this into account if you're planning a kitchen remodel. Here are some features and amenities to include when remodeling your kitchen as an avid baker.

Choose smooth countertops.

You likely roll out a lot of cookie dough, pie dough, and other doughs. This is hard to do if you do not have a smooth, even countertop surface. As such, a tile counter won't really work for someone who bakes a lot. Wood counters are not a great choice, either. The best counters for baking are generally stone ones since they stay cool, which keeps the fat in pie crust and other pastries from melting. But if stone counters are out of your price range, then solid surface or laminate counters are sufficient.

Include a mixer compartment.

Do you have a big stand mixer that you use for baking? Having to lift it in and out of a cabinet each time you use it can be a hassle. So, you should have your remodeling team design a dedicated cabinet on the counter. A cubby with a pull-down, garage door-style closure is a great choice. You can pull the door up, use the mixer, and then close the door to hide the mixer again.

Include two ovens.

When you bake more than one thing at once, they may need to be in ovens at different temperatures. So, including two ovens in your new kitchen design can make it so much easier to bake multiple things at once. Some people like to have two ovens stacked on top of the other. Others prefer side-by-side ovens.

Deep cabinets.

You probably have lots of canisters filled with flour, sugar, and other baking ingredients. Some cabinets are too shallow to fit lots of these containers. So, when you have your kitchen remodeled, ask your cabinet maker to make the cabinets extra deep. This way, you'll have plenty of room for your ingredients without having to put them into smaller containers.

Baking is a lovely hobby and one you can remodel your kitchen to better accommodate. Talk to your kitchen construction team about residential kitchen remodeling for more advice and help.