6 'Must-Haves' For The Ultimate Custom Outdoor Living Area

Whether your backyard is huge or the size of a postage stamp, make the most of it by creating a custom outdoor living area. This is truly a case where size doesn't matter. With a little planning and some key 'must-have' items, you can turn your yard into a comfortable and stylish oasis that you'll enjoy for years to come. Here are six 'must-haves' for the ultimate custom outdoor living area.

Protection From the Elements 

It's important to have protection from the elements in your outdoor living area, both as a source of shade as well as rain protection. Whether you have your remodeling contractor build a pergola, arbor, or 3-season room, being able to get out of the sun or rain will make spending time outdoors much more enjoyable. 

Privacy Screening

In addition to being protected from the elements, you will want to be protected from prying eyes. If you really want to create an oasis in your backyard, privacy screening is another 'must-have' item. Fences or hedges can provide full coverage, or you could choose something more creative, like hanging curtains or planting bamboo. Being able to fully relax in your own backyard without worrying about the neighbors is priceless.

Fire Element

No custom outdoor space is complete without a fire element. While you could simply add a chiminea, a custom firepit, or even a free-standing stone fireplace is more appealing. You can stay cozy on chilly nights, extend the season in colder climates, and even toast a marshmallow or two.

Water Feature

There's nothing quite like the sound of water to create a peaceful atmosphere. A small fountain, waterfall, or pond with koi fish is a great way to add some ambiance to your outdoor living space. Additionally, the sound of running water can mask street noises, which is especially helpful if you live near a busy street or intersection.


Lighting is functional, providing light for evening gatherings or late-night cookouts, but it also can create ambiance in a custom outdoor space. From strings of fairy lights to crystal chandeliers, your choice of lighting is only limited by the vibe you want to create.

Misting System

Even in the shade, summers can get hot. However, installing a misting system in your custom outdoor space can subtly allow you and your guests to stay cool.

Whether you want to entertain guests or just enjoy some peace and quiet, these six 'must-have' essentials will help you create the perfect custom outdoor living area that you'll enjoy for years to come.