How To Tell If You Should Remodel A Shower?

Shower remodeling is part of owning any house that has aged a bit. It is a notable investment, and people often wonder when they should move forward with renovations. You may want to undertake this project under these four circumstances.

While Doing Major Plumbing Work

If you need to have a plumber do work that involves tearing up a good portion of the area around a shower, there's an argument for remodeling at that moment. Even if it might be possible to put the shower back the way it was, this is a good opportunity to do something new. You will have the chance to replace and upgrade old pipe and drainage systems with the walls and the floor open. Not only can you fix the shower, but you can put in something that'll look nicer.

This is particularly wise if you're close to remodeling in the first place. If a remodel is two years on the horizon, for example, there's no point messing the bathroom up two times in such a short length of time.

Constantly Thinking of Remodeling

If you're already constantly thinking about remodeling the shower, there's probably a reason. Perhaps it's very old or just isn't holding up well despite being relatively new. Anyone who constantly looks at their home's shower and thinks it deserves a remodel is probably right.

Selling the House

Folks who are planning to sell their homes often remodel the showers. A dingy shower just makes a bathroom look ugly. You don't want sellers to see photos of the house or take tours only to come away repulsed. Those people are going to expect a discount on the house's price to account for the fact they're going to have to remodel the shower. Also, they're going to nitpick problems elsewhere in the house, and then they're going to demand further price revisions. It is often best to renovate the shower on your terms versus taking the hit during the selling process.

Permanent Stains, Chips, or Scratches

Try as you might to keep a shower in good shape, it will take a beating over its lifetime. Surfaces will stain, and they'll also suffer from chipping and scratching. If these have accumulated to the point that they're noticeable whenever you even glance at the shower, it's probably time to remodel. Especially if you can't clean or polish the shower enough to restore any of its shine, you should start looking for shower remodeling contractors.

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