Make Your Bathroom More Accessible With A Few Easy Choices

As you update or renovate your bathroom, one of the best investments you can make is to boost its overall accessibility. Even if no one in your home currently has mobility issues, many homeowners will develop them as they age. In addition, you could sell your home to or host someone who needs accommodation.

So, how can you prepare a bathroom that everyone can enjoy for many years without going overboard on changes? Here are a few important design choices anyone can include. 

1. Make It Flat

One of the most important things to do in whatever renovation you plan is to get rid of any changes in elevation, door jambs, lips, steps, or other potential tripping hazards. If you do have to maintain an elevation change, use a ramp instead of steps. 

2. Reduce Fixtures

If the bathroom is somewhat small, don't squeeze in too many fixtures. The more things you attach to the floor, the less space there is for mobility aids and wheelchairs to maneuver. If you've been thinking about getting rid of a large bathtub, this may be the time. And if you won't really use a multi-person shower, it may not be a good use of space. 

3. Install a Walk-In Shower

Modern shower technology is great for anyone who wants to promote accessibility. Walk-in showers have minimal thresholds to step over, while roll-in showers have no lips at all. You also have the choice between including doors or designing a more open, wet room design. 

4. Go Beyond the Minimum

Building codes for bathrooms include minimum required (or recommended) distances and widths between fixtures. For instance, you may only need a minimum of 15" from the toilet center to any surrounding features. These guides are minimum amounts and should not be used as your go-to distances. They aren't generous and will make it very difficult for anyone with mobility challenges. 

5. Free Up the Floor

One way to make the bathroom easier to navigate through, especially with mobility aids, is to place fewer items on the floor. A wall-mounted toilet or sink, for instance, leaves the floor space free and more comfortable for everyone to maneuver. 

Where to Start

Get more tips for making any bathroom its most accessible by meeting with an experienced home remodeling company today. By making smart choices now, you can prepare the space for all of its future users and get a better return on your investment. Reach out to a local service, such as Property Revival, to learn more.