Remodeling A Half Bath With Half The Effort

Half bathrooms are usually tiny spaces, but they can still take a lot of effort to remodel. In fact, sometimes remodeling a half bath is even harder than remodeling a full bathroom because of the limited space! So, what if you need to remodel your half bath, but you are limited on time? Here are some tips that will help you remodel your half bath with half the effort.

Don't move any of the plumbing fixtures.

Unless you have a really good reason to move them, leave all of the plumbing fixtures in the same place. Leave the toilet where it is, and leave the sink where it is. You can replace the toilet or sink if needed, but the new ones need to go in the same places as the old ones. This will save you from having to hire a plumber to install or move the pipes. A remodeling contractor can usually replace a toilet or sink without the help of a plumber as long as they're not moving anything.

Use the same tile on the floor and behind your sink.

If you plan on installing a backsplash behind the sink, use the same tile as you use on the floor. This way, the remodeling contractor can tile both surfaces at the same time. They will only have to mix the adhesive and the grout once, and they'll only need to turn on and clean the tile saw once.

Pick a vanity with a built-in mirror.

Instead of choosing a separate vanity and mirror, look for a one-piece unit that includes everything, from the stand to the mirror. This will not only save you time in selecting materials, but it will also save your remodeling contractor some installation time.

Add color with your shower curtain and drapes.

Choosing a color scheme for a tiny bathroom can be tough. There just aren't enough surfaces to use too many different paint colors. An easier, time-saving approach is to just do the bathroom in neutral, simple colors like gray or white. Then, use your shower curtain and drapes to add a pop of color.

Remodeling a half bathroom does not have to be terribly time-consuming. If you are on a tight schedule, implement the tips above as you go about remodeling. Talk with your bathroom remodeling contractor, too. They might have some additional advice for you based on experiences with other customers in your area.