Kitchen Cabinet Ideas For Increased Storage

Storage is something that can be a problem for many homeowners. One of the areas of the house that sees several storage issues is the kitchen. You may have issues with large cabinets but oddly placed storage. You may also have issues with cabinets that are small with very little storage. If kitchen storage is an issue for you, here are some kitchen cabinets and design ideas that may help. 

Pocket Cabinets

One of the ways that many people utilize as much space as possible is to have pocket kitchen cabinets. These cabinets are made to slide into small spaces like between the oven and pantry or between small areas between the cabinet and refrigerator. The cabinet option slides into the small space and stays hidden until you need to use it. It consists of storage rows that can store pan lids, spices, gadgets, or baking pans. The pocket cabinets also offer a way to utilize space for storage that would normally be unused. Similar types of pocket cabinets can be seen used in laundry rooms, bathrooms, and in areas with spaces between appliances and cabinets. 

Dish Storage

Dish storage options are usually limited to regular cabinet space. When you stack dishes on top of each other, you are not only using a large amount of space that could be used for food; you are also risking damage to the dinnerware. With dish storage kitchen cabinets, you are storing the dishes in their own designated spot where they are not touching and not taking up much space.

Corner Storage

Corners can be tricky when it comes to kitchen storage. Kitchen storage options do not often use the corner to the best advantage. With corner storage cabinets, such as installed turntable options, you can use the space efficiently. You can store more food, more pots, more pans, and more items that make cooking and your job in the kitchen easier. Corner storage can also be designed to hold specific larger items like crockpots and air fryers. 

If any of these ideas sound like they may work in your kitchen, contact your area cabinetry contractors. They can help with various kitchen cabinets and offer you more storage in your kitchen. They can also discuss options you may not have considered before. If you have any questions about options for kitchen cabinets, the contractors can offer answers and advice during the initial consultation.