Can And Should You Remodel Your Home To Add An Extra Bedroom?

Do you feel like your home is short one bedroom? Maybe you have two kids who share a bedroom, and you wish they could each have their own. Or perhaps you would like to be able to have friends visit without having to have someone sleep on the couch. It may be possible for a remodeling contractor to renovate part of your home in a way that adds an extra bedroom.

How Can You Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Upgrading cabinets is a great way of sprucing up your kitchen. Small or major additions to kitchen cabinets can make them look good as new or add that little bit of visual appeal that they've been missing. Depending on the state of your cabinets and your personal taste, there are different things you can do to improve your cabinets. Consult a remodeling contractor like Michael's Flooring & Remodeling for more information on what could suit your specific needs.

3 Tips For Designing Your Kitchen Island

Remodeling your kitchen can be a great investment. Not only can it improve the look and function of your home, but the remodel can also add a great deal of value to your house. The process of remodeling your kitchen can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you are making big changes, such as adding and removing cabinetry or moving the location of appliances. The addition of an island is also a big change that can offer big benefits.

Top Reasons To Hire A Professional To Install Your Granite Countertops

Granite countertops have been incredibly popular in homes for a long time for a number of reasons. These natural stone countertops are beautiful, durable, and give an elegant and high-end look to any room. It is possible to purchase pre-fabricated granite countertops or even slabs of granite. However, installing granite countertops is not a task that a homeowner should try to do on their own. There are a number of DIY home improvement projects that a handy person can take on alone, but investing money in gorgeous granite countertops only to try to install them on your own is a disaster waiting to happen.

Three Things to Replace When You Refinish Your Bathtub

When you decide to refinish your bathtub, you'll often be doing so as part of a bathroom remodel. For example, if you're refinishing the tub in a different color, you may also be repainting the bathroom and perhaps even changing some of the other fixtures. As you plan your refinishing job, it's useful to consider what other things you can replace at the same time. In many cases, some simple changes can make the bathtub stand out even more and truly give the impression that you've installed a completely new one rather than simply refinishing it.